Blue Cheese and Sweet Relish Dip
Doreen Wallace, Princeton, Maine
St. Croix Quilters January Refreshments 2019

8 oz. soft cream cheese
cup soft butter
4-5 oz. blue cheese crumbles
cup sweet relish
2 Tbsp. minced chives
Enough juice from the relish to make it spreadable

Cream the cream cheese and butter together.  Add blue cheese and mix well.  Stir in, by hand, relish and chives.  Add juice to your liking.  Best when made a day ahead.  Serve at room temperature.

"This is the basic recipe.  People who know me know the only time I ever make it just like the recipe is the first time.  I am known for changing things.  My mother likes it with more blue cheese; I like it with extra relish.  Make it the way YOU like it.  Enjoy!"