a chapter of Pine Tree Quilters Guild of Maine

Watermelon Picnic Workshop

taught by Bonnie Hunter   August 2019

This easy scrap quilt by Teri Christopherson featured simple log cabin blocks with appliqued seeds for a sweet finishing touch.  Members were prepared to do some sewing, have a picnic lunch and enjoy lots of watermelon fun and prizes!

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Joline, Jude and Joanne

Marilyn, Bev, Kathy, Toni and Lisa

Door prizes were found in the Watermelon Patch

Anita and Rits sewing and Toni filling our tickets for the picnic basket drawing

Pam and Mary did a bit of hand piecing

Bonnie made a watermelon tablerunner during the workshop

In addition to a variety of sandwiches and lunches, our picnic included lots of fresh watermelon, watermelon sorbet and watermelon juice.

Jude won the basket while Leona and Joline discovered ants at the picnic!

Only a small sampling of the dozens of log cabin blocks made at the workshop; great job girls!

Finished Watermelon Picnic quilt tops shown at the August Show & Tell--Leona and Joanne

 and Anita, of course, made 2!

Thank You, Bonnie!

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