a chapter of Pine Tree Quilters Guild of Maine

Radiant Workshop
taught by Bonnie Hunter  October 2016

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Following a hilarious explanation of cutting instruction, those in attendance went to work to press fabric, cut strips, rectangles and squares, then stitched two different blocks and watched as the magic happened!

Val Jackson

Kathy Mallory and Leona Juranty


Joanne Spencer, Val Jackson, Leona Juranty, Marilyn Wimmergren and Ruth Curtis


Gorgeous Radiant sample made by Mary Anne Spearin and Mary Ann O'Brien doing some pressing

Sample layouts by Anita Johnson and Paulyne Ward

Iva Kinney doing some pressing and arranging her blocks

Holding finished blocks include (front row) Bev Reed, Mary Ann O'Brien and Wanda Pollock and (back row) Iva Kinney, Paulyne Ward, Marilyn Wimmergren, Leona Juranty and Anita Johnson.  Can't wait to see the completed quilts!

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