a chapter of Pine Tree Quilters Guild of Maine

Quilting 101 Workshop

Facilitated by the following members:     June 2018

A marvelous collection of quilting basics for beginners and quilters of all ages.  Demonstrations will include the following members and their topics:

Mary Ann     Pressing vs ironing, direction of pressing, swirling seams, squaring a quilt

Mary Louise How to add borders
                  How to stitch using a 1/4" inch and "scant" 1/4" seam allowance

Liz              Using rotary cutters, mats and rulers:  determining bias/grain of fabric,
                  measuring and cutting, and squaring a block

Jude           Determining number and size of blocks to make a particular size quilt

Thank You, Mary Ann, Mary Louise, Liz, and Jude!

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