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Mood Swing
with Joanne Spencer, June 2010

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(Ask Leona about the Band-Aidósee below)

What a lot of fun we had; thank you Joanne!
Participants included (front l to r) Sandy Hill, Joanne Spencer (instructor), and Iva Kinney
(back l to r) Avis Lyko, Joline Cook, Dianne Finnegan, Mary Ann O'Brien, Anita Johnson, Jennifer Alley, and Dwina Alley
Many participants used Bali Pops with such luscious names as:
Spumoni, Butterscotch, Mulberry, Cappuccino, Green Tea, and Sherbet, to name a few!
Using scraps from the Mood Swing quilt, you can make the mini quilt, Linda's Twist,  shown in the insert above.






Dianne and birthday girl, Jennifer!


Mary Ann

The Mood Swing workshop was based on one of the
12 patterns featured in this book.


Leona and her wound. 
Maybe those safety gloves aren't such a bad idea!

A good rotary cutting lesson for all of usóbe careful,
very careful!
 It can happen so quickly to any of us.

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