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Town & Country Jacket Workshop
with Liz Trouant, October, 2008

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Members gathered this month with Liz to sew beautiful quilted jackets. 
A technique developed by MorninGlory Designs, the Town & Country jackets were
assembled in a few easy steps, quilting as you go.

Workshop participants wearing their jackets in different degrees of completion: 
(l to r) Jen Lacasse, Meg Rothberg, Iva Kinney, Bonnie Hunter, Sue Dible, and Linda McLaughlin

Sue began by tracing the pattern on a tracing medium

Sue McIver and Mary Smith trace and cut

Now comes the hard part―fitting the pattern.
Liz (left) and Sue Fox (right) help Jen decide on the right size.


Iva and Meg trace diagonal markings on batting
and get ready to baste

Linda bastes the batting to the backing fabric

Linda (helped by Liz) cuts out the collar

Sue adds some decorative stitching to her strips

Iva adds another strip to the front of her jacket

Speedy Gonzales (aka Jen) finishes her jacket back first

Partially assembled, Bonnie shows the back of her jacket

Iva just couldn't wait to try on her jacket―even with only one sleeve set in

Show & Tell at the October business meeting
(left to right) Sue Dible (with 2), Bonnie Hunter, Jen Lacasse, and teacher Liz Trouant)

Jacket backs

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