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Rapid-Fire Hunter's Star Workshop
with Marilyn Wimmergren,  October 2012

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Marilyn Wimmergren introduced us to a totally new way to construct Hunterís Star quilts created by Deb Tucker.  
Cut some simple strips, do a little chain piecing, and you can create this beautiful quilt, too!  Fabrics are easy to select because you only need to choose one light and one dark.  Come learn the basic technique then go on to create other quilts with optional colorways.  

Marilyn patiently shows Vivian how to trim the trapezoids
Sher and Carmelle
Dianne and Leona look at other Rapid-Fire Hunter's Star patterns while Peggy, Bev and Suzanne have a good time
Sue, Suzanne (with hula skirt), Pam, and Lynda
Bev and Marilyn hold 2 finished blocks and Martha continues sewing trapezoids to long strips 
Finished blocks--Joline, Joanne and Leona
Lynda, Martha's, and Sher

Sue, Carmelle (Boo Boo), and Suzanne

Here's some of today's workshops students each holding a finished Rapid-Fire Hunter's Star block.
Front row (l to r) Pam Polkey, Peggy Sawyer, Leona Juranty and Suzanne Riquier
Back row (l to r)  Lynda Fizzell, Joline Cook, Dianne Finnegan, Martha Ranke, Bonnie Hunter, and Vivian Mellish

Thank you, Marilyn!


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