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Glory Be Workshop Series
with Bonnie Hunter, March to July 2010

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By either attending classes or receiving each of the nine lessons by email, about 25 quilters participated in Glory Be.  It was the perfect quilt project for beginners as well as quilters of all skill levels.  It featured a collection of traditional blocks assembled into a quilt that could become a family heirloom. 
Students celebrated their success and received certificates at a pot luck lunch at their last class in July.

In April students Joline Cook, Liz Trouant, Paulyne Ward, Joanne Spencer have completed center blocks.
Sandy Hill, Theresa Wright, Anita Johnson, Liz Trouant

Dwina Alley and Martha Ranke

Making progress: by May we have Marcia Carlow's blocks

Liz's layout

Sandy's blocks

Then by July, Theresa Wright (left) was the first to finish by doing a little extra homework

Joline Cook (left) enlarged her quilt—here's the hop half.
Paulyne Ward's block assembly and Cyril Francis (who is making a wallhanging)

Tammy Moody (left)

Iva Kinney (right)

Instructor, Bonnie Hunter (left), stayed one step ahead of her students.  Here's her completed Glory Be.

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