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Curvaceous Squares
with Special Guest Teacher Dianne Hire, August 2012

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This was a template-free workshop, that had students intuitively creating blocks of inset curves.  In addition to several of Dianne's own creations on display, several options using the same exciting technique were shown.  By the end of the day, members had made a number of curvaceous squares designed, stitched together, and ready to complete.  There were several design options, too, using the exact same curvy blocks.  What FUN! 

Dianne (in blue jacket) explaining the technique to Iva Kinney, Wendy Harris and Sue Dible

Mary Louise Peters and Marilyn Wimmergren

Mary Smith

Jane Eaton and Dianne

Sue Martell and Julie Jordan

Peggy Coleman and Sara Cameron

Wendy Harris

Geri Reynolds and her layout of fabrics

Sher Acheson



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