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Dancing Leaves
with special guest teacher Bethany Reynolds

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Front row kneeling (l to r) Kathy Bishop, Jen Lacasse, Leona Juranty, Joanne Spencer, Sandy Hill and Nancy Southern.
Back row Mary Ann O'Brien, Diane Fox, Beverly Reed, Dana Bard, Bethany Reynolds, Teresa Porter, Liz Trouant and Cyril Francis.
Also participating was Joline Cook, who took the picture.

Well-known quilt designed, Bethany Reynolds (above), amidst a display of samples and fabrics she has designed especially for Stack-n-Whack quilts.  Once again she awed us with her ingenious Stack-n-Whack techniques and new design, Dancing Leaves, which captures the kaleidoscopic effect of leaves swirling on an autumn day! 



Cyril Francis (right) carefully cutting diamonds.

Liz and Joline

Jen and Mary Ann

Joanne and Diane

Kathy and Beverly

Cyril and Nancy

Teresa, Sandy and Leona

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