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Atlantic Flyway Workshops 1 & 2

taught by Joanne Spencer and Bonnie Hunter   August and September 2019

Created by Deb Tucker, Atlantic Flyway was named for the migratory path of waterfowl, shorebirds and songbirds of the North American East Coast.  Attendees learned two new techniques for making Flying Geese (one using Deb's Wing Clipper I Ruler and one named Migrating Geese.

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Session 1 of the workshop

Val and Pam

Val, Patty and Jude showing off their migrating geese!  A very slick technique.

Jude, Val, Pam (doing hand piecing), Joanne, and Patty well on their way to finishing migrating geese for Part 1 of the 2-part workshop.
Part 2 (on September 7) presents paper-piecing and making flying geese using a Wing Clipper I ruler.

Session 2--more Flying Geese and Paper Piecing

Patty and Pam

Looking at Joanne's machine quilting

Jude bagging Joline's donations of fresh vegetables (corn, cukes, cantelope and tomatoes) and Toni of Down East Quilt Supply

Val and Joline

Can't wait to see everyone's finished Atlantic Flyway at a future Show & Tell.

Thank You, Joanne and Bonnie!

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