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Anti-Ouch Pouch* Workshop
with Lynda Coffey. February 2009

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We gathered in February to make Anti-Ouch Pouch bags―*a pillow that hangs from the shoulder, fitting snugly under the arm to cushion the area after breast surgery or during radiation treatment. 


The pattern, designed by American Sewing Guild member and breast cancer survivor Deon Maas, features a wedge shape that gently holds the arm away from the body when the user is standing. The strap holds the pillow in place without having to use sore arm muscles to “clutch” it.  The strap is adjustable and the fiberfill may be adjusted via the overlapped opening.


The bags are quick and easy to make.  They will be distributed to both Charlotte County Hospital in St. Stephen and Calais Regional Hospital.


Click here for Deon Mass' Anti-Ouch Pouch pattern.

Our newest member, Iva Kinney, made lots of bags assembly-line style

Workshop participants included sitting Shirley Slauenwhite; standing (l to r) Iva Kinney, Joline Cook, Mary Louise Peters, Sandy Hill, Lynda Coffey, and Liz Trouant; also Bonnie Hunter who took the photo.

Several other members are making Anti-Ouch Pouches at home. 
We estimate that we'll have well over 100 pouches to donate to local hospitals.

Thank you to everyone who helped!