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Accidental Landscape Workshop
with Theresa Wright July 2012

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The beginnings of beautiful landscape quilts:  Ruth Curtis, Lindy Hatt, Leona Juranty, and Paulyne Ward

Lynda Duplissea and her nieces, Alis and Anoush, who are visiting from Lakeville, MA

Dwina Alley gets a little help from Theresa and then shows her pasted up ocean landscape

Lindy and Leona waiting for the glue to dry and Sher Acheson creating a tiny log cabin

Theresa demonstrated thread painting

Almost finished Accidental Landscapes:  front row (l to r): Lynda Duplissea's nieces, Anoush and Alis
middle row: Sue Dible, Lynds Duplissea, Leona Juranty, and Wendy Harris
back row: Paulyne Ward, Joline Cook, Sher Acheson, Ruth Curtis, and Theresa Wright.
Also attending but not pictured here were Pat Wyeth, Lindy Hatt, Dwina Alley and Jennifer Alley

Thank you, Theresa!


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