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Show and Tell
November 2015

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Marlene Wilbur (right) holds a quilt she made for a raffle for the Perry School 8th grade.  Paulyne Ward helps.

"Remembrance" an original design quilt by Lynda Coffey

Pillowcases made by Wanda Pollock and Lynda Duplissea

Southern Jewels made by Liz Trouant (using wildlife fabrics) will be donated to "House in the Woods" a retreat in Lee, ME, for military families.

Fabric boxes made by Lynda D and Kathy Mallory

Who says quilts can't be round?  Kathy Mallory, Joline Cook, and Vivian Mellish

Lynda D's spiral quilt

Cyril Francis shows a Yellow Brick Road

Nicki Lindsay holds a minky quilt and Maxine Palmeter shows a Southern Jewels

Wanda and her turkey quilt and Lynda D shows a Barbie quilt made for her granddaughter

Both Vivian and Lynda Coffey show placemats (Lynda's is a 4 in 1 design)

Lynda D and her colelction of placemats and table toppers
Lots of table runners by Nancy Soctomah and Wanda

Bonnie Hunter shows her finished Double Wedding Ring

Candle Cradles made by Lynda D, Anita Johnson, Paulyne, and Liz
Wanda's been busy making a tote and cuptowels

Wanda made a charming cardinal panel quilt

Patty Haganaars holds a hobby horse and Jane Eaton shows aprons made for her church fair

Nicki and Wanda

Wanda holds a trout panel quilt