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Show and Tell
November 2011

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With Show & Tell coordinator Paulyne Ward helping (left), new member, Jeka Richards (right), shows her first quilt, made for her sister at university

Dana Bard experimented with red and white quilts

Anita Johnson proudly shows off a pattern she calls Strippy

Joline Cook holds her Streakers quilt and Nancy Skala's Weekender

Joanne Spencer used 43 different fabrics to make this gorgeous quilt

Dana shows another creation

Both Liz Trouant and Lynda Coffey display new quilted bags
Everyone is is into table runners, including Kathy Bishop (left and right) and Lynda Duplissea (center)

Joanne has been very busy making long tablerunners

Joanne shows off another gorgeous Oriental panel and an Beaches accidental landscape

Happy Paulyne Ward (helped by friend Liz) holds a raffle quilt she won from the Greater Eastport Ecumenical Counsel
(it was made by guild member Leona Juranty).
Several members brought dozens of table toppers made in Bonnie Hunter's recent workshop