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Show and Tell
 September 2014

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Thread Cases: Lynda Duplissea, Theresa Wright and Joanne Spencer

Kwik Scrappy Log Cabin: Leona Juranty and Vivian Mellish

Briar Rose Quilts: Leona, Wanda Pollock and Carmelle Garant
Mesh Bags: Liz Trouant and Paulyne Ward






Odds and Ends: Sue McIver (Knitted Bag and Basket), Leona (2 1/2" strips Apron), Wanda (Challenge), Carmelle (Anti-Ouch Pouches), Sue Fox (Quilt Bag), Joline Cook (2 1/2" strips Pot Holders), Theresa (Hobo Bag), Lynda D. (Selvedge Edge Jacket), Liz (2 photos: 2 1/2" strips blocks), and Paulyne (2 1/2" strips Table Topper and Pillow Cases)

Wallhangings: Joanne's Hunter Star, Apple Annie, Halloween, and Winter's Meadow

Quilt Tops: Valerie Jackson (5" Charms and Cats), and Gloria (her first quilt)

Vivian's Monterrey Medallion

Liz's brother made this scrappy quilt

Joanne's baby quilt

Lynda Coffey's Remembrance Poppies (Pam Bono design)

Leona's Plaid Lap Quilt

Sher Acheson's Cafe Vienna

Wanda's 2013 BOM

Carmelle's Warm Wishes

Joanne's The Tuscan Sun (Jinny Beyer pattern)

Joanne's Summer Lily

Gilda's Rail Fence

Theresa's Wool Applique quilt