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Show and Tell
 April 2015

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"Southern Jewels" Quilts: Wanda Pollock, Sue McIver (x2), Julia Brady, Maxine Palmeter (x4), Liz Trouant, Anita Johnson, and Paulyne Ward (x2)

"Yellow Brick Road" Quilts for Hospice: Wanda, Ruth Curtis, Gilda McPhee, Cyrille Francis, and Paulyne
"Afternoon Delight" Table Runner: Ruth and Liz


Wallhangings: Debbie Scullin (x3), Sandra Hill and Anita

Tablerunners: Yvonne Greenlaw, Debbie, and Liz

Lynda Coffey's knitted sweaters


Sue's: thread bag, bag for extension ball, bag for table, bag for foot pedal, iPad bag (Pat Sloan BOM), and men's shirt apron

Baby Quilts: Sue (x2) and Yvonne

Wanda's "Rail Fence", "Jelly Roll" for Hospice, BOM 2014 (Paper Pieced), and "Chinese Lanterns" (Hand Quilted)

Sue's "Eye Spy" quilt
Wanda's Landscape fabric photos

Yvonne's Rag quilt for her grandson and toy sleeping bag

Debbie's Rail Fence with squares and Flannel quilt for her husband

Sher Acheson's "Garden Stars", "Monterrey Medallion",
and "Stained Glass French Braid"

Mary Louise Peter's Canada quilt and spring colours quilt
Wanda's pillow cases and Joline Cooke's bowl

Joline's "City Scapes" quilt

Julie Jordan's Friendship quilt
Liz's mesh tote bag and Sandra's pencil stained fabric pillow

Anita's "Pat Sloan's Vacation Time 2015 BOMs"

Liz's "French Roses" quilt

Beverli's "Disappearing Hourglass" quilt

Nancy Marshall's quilt she made for her son

Marlene Wilbur's "Dresden Plate" quilt

Gloria Lewey-Cleaves' quilt