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Show and Tell
 January 2014

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Briar Rose quilts by Wanda Pollock, Peggy Brownlee, Leona Juranty
Jean Herrick and Bonnie Hunter's daughter-in-law.

Joanne Spencer and Wanda's BOM 2013.
Leona and Wanda's BOM 2014

Wallhangings: Joanne's Reverse Stained Glass Tulip Vases,
Lynda Duplissea's Snowflake Christmas Tree,
Liz Trouant's Christmas Lights and Merry Christmas

Leona's Valentine's Tie Purse, Julie Jordan's Teddy Bear and Liz's Mesh Beach Bag

Joanne's hospice quilt made from cake layers

Wanda's Chinese Lanterns quilt blocks

Peggy's Bunny Panel quilt; border from the Border Patches with Pizazz book

Maxine Palmeter's French Roses quilt

Lynda's Mermaid Doll

Bonnie's Warm Wishes and Boxed Squares both for hospice

Julie's Scrappy String Quilt inspired by Pat Wyeth