Pillowcases for the Troops

Thank you so very much!!!

"Mary Ann O'Brien (our president) and her daughter, Sue McIver (our 2nd vice president) have two loved ones who are being deployed to Afghanistan in March 2010 with the 1136th Transportation Unit from Calais, Bangor and Sanford.  Sue has come up with an idea for guild members to make pillowcases for the men and women—all 177 of them. The cases could be made with Maine wildlife fabric and this way these brave men and women could take a bit of Maine with them when they go. Wouldn't it be a nice thank you to them for all they do for us and our country?"

This was the request sent all over Maine in the fall of 2009.  Instead of receiving 177 pillowcases to give to the troops, Mary Ann and Sue received over 1,000 and were deeply touched by the caring quilters in Maine.  They would like to thank everyone who sent pillowcases.  You surpassed their every hope and they couldn't have done it without the quilters of Maine.  Again, Thank you!

For more information, contact Mary Anne at (207) 454-3014 or by email at wmaobr@hotmail.com.