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Meeting Reminders
Refreshments, Tips & Fabric Drawings

Below is the schedule of members who have volunteered to bring light refreshments to business meetings.  If you find you are unable to provide refreshments for the month you signed up, please find your own replacement and make sure the other person scheduled with you knows about the change. 

NEW  The links below provide information on what is available for your use when it's your turn to provide snacks and also directions on how to use the Bunn Coffee Maker.  

Kitchen Supplies page 1 (where to find everything and directions for making coffee)    
Kitchen Supplies page 2 (inventory of supplies)  

You will also find a listing of volunteers for 2-Minute Tips and fabrics for our monthly fabric drawings.  Members are invited to participate by bringing yard pieces of the kind of fabric listed for each month, then for just $1 per ticket, you can take a chance on winning all the fabrics!  Ticket prices for non-participants will be $3.

January 2017 Lindy Hatt & Leona Juranty   White
February Wanda Pollock & Peggy Brownlee   Red
March Ruth Curtis & Sharon Taylor   Plaid
April Geri Reynolds & Sue Martell   Pastel
May Liz Trouant & Paulyne Ward   Black & White
June Brenda Melanson & Viola Mitchell   Batik
July Anita Johnson & Rita Stewart   Summer
August Carmelle Garant & Kathy Walker   Garden
September Patty Hagenaars & Sher Donnelly   Autumn
October Theresa Wright, Julia Brady & Cathy Dean   Halloween
November Mary Louise Peters & Pam McGarrigle   Christmas
December NO BUSINESS MEETING THIS MONTH No tip this month No drawing this month