Grand Manan Island

Several St. Croix Quilters went on a field trip to Grand Manan Island to see the sights and attend Tidal Threads Quilt Show. 
Mary Ann O'Brien (who has family on the island) was our very gracious and knowledgeable "tour guide."

Onboard the ferry with Grand Manan coming into view in the background.
Kneeling (l to r) Leona Juranty, Bonnie Hunter and Theresa Wright.  Standing ( l to r) Joline Cook, Martha Ranke, Dwina Alley, Mary Ann O'Brien, Avis Lyko, Marilyn Wimmergren, and Pat Wyeth

The ferry sails past the Swallowtail Lighthouse located at the northern tip of the island

Bad hair day for Dwina 
(the wind on the ferry blew everyone's hair)

Leona and Joline on deck getting ready to take pictures
We visited Grand Manan Farmers' Market to see puffins and taste dulse candy!

This beautiful quilt, designed by quilters on Grand Manan Island, was the star of the show and has been featured in an article in Canadian Quilter magazine.

More quilts from the Quilt Show


Following a picnic, Theresa and Marilyn walked along one of the many sandy beaches on the island
We stopped to buy some "tasty" dulse that is made on the island

The cliffs at Southern Head

Swallowtail Light at the northern part of the island

"No, we'll wait here, have fun!"

It was VERY windy walking toward Swallowtail Lighthouse

Beautiful scenery along the footbridge and trail to the lighthouse

Great photo opt!

Made it!

Spectacular scenery was a great place for another group photo.
The walk back up the stairs was not quite so easy

Can anyone identify this beautiful mystery plant?  It was growing all over the island.

Mystery is solved.  Martha Estle Eaton from Grand Manan identified the plant and said,

"it is Viper's Bugloss" (pronounced bew-gloss) and is everywhere here.....I love the colour!" 


Delicious buffet.  Mary Ann's sister and brother-in-law, Diania and Joey Green,
invited us to a cookout at their home at the end of our island visit.

Mary Ann and her sister, Diania

Our personal barbecue chef, Joey

Back into the lower deck of the ferry for our return trip

Too much fog on the last ferry trip of the day! 
That was okay with us, we were too "pooped" to venture to the upper deck of the boat!

It was a wonderful trip and many who went are talking about an Island Quilters Retreat!

Mary Ann, thank you for planning this incredible day!



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