Seasoned Oyster Crackers
Kathy Attick, Dennysville, Me
Yellow Brick Road

1 cup sunflower or canola oil
1 pkg. Hidden Valley original ranch dressing
1 tsp. dill seed or dill weed
tsp. lemon pepper
(1) 14 oz. pkg. oyster crackers (size can vary a bit and not matter)

Mix together the first 4 ingredients.  Pour over crackers and stir, or kind of "fold."  I often used a rubber spatula, or plastic pancake turner--something that will not crack up the crackers too much.  You can put them directly into jars or wait until the oil has absorbed some.  I usually "stir." go do other things, come back through the kitchen and "stir" again, etc.  This recipe is best if used AFTER 1-2 days (we don't always wait).  You can double or triple the recipe if doing gifts.