Moco Cakes
Bonnie Hunter, Pembroke, ME
BHQM Newsletter Issue #11

Don't confuse the word "moco" with mocha―there is no coffee or chocolate in this recipe.  I have no idea where the recipe first originated or how it got its unusual name.  My mother "Frenchie" Brown and her sister, Thelma Wallace (who grew up in New Brunswick, Canada), always made Moco Cakes at Christmastime; it's just not Christmas without them!     

1 pound cake  You can either buy a prepared pound cake or bake one from scratch.  I use a Betty Crocker mix (there will be no difference in the finished product).  Follow directions on the box, bake pound cake in a greased loaf pan, remove from pan and cool on a cake rack.  Cut thick slices, then cut each slice into 6 square-ish pieces
Instead of a loaf pan, you can also use an 8" square pan and cut this size cake into 36 squares.  It's better to bake the cake one day (store it uncovered) and cut and dip the next.

1 (16 oz.) jar dry-roasted peanuts―ground  You can use either salted or unsalted peanuts.  Grind the nuts in a food processor―quite fine, but not powdery.


2 cups confectioner's sugar
tsp. almond extract
cup milk

        Mix all ingredients together.  You may need to make 2 batches of glaze before you're finished.

Dip pound cake piece in glaze, covering all sides, then roll in ground peanuts, making sure peanuts cover all sizes.  It's a little messy but they are just sooooo delicious.  ENJOY!