2016 Woodsy Christmas Party

We were treated to lots of fun, ornament instruction, laughter and good food at our annual Christmas Party.  Due to rennovations at our regular meeting place, this year's party was held at the St. Croix Country Club in Calais. 

Our annual paper towel collection to benefit Sarah's House amounted to 403 rolls.
Geri Reynolds won the Connecting Threads collection by donating 64 rolls!  Thank you to all who participated.





Something That Lasts
read by Pam McGarrigle

Iíve been a hard worker all my life, but Ďmost all my work has been the kind
   that ďperishes with the usiní,Ēas the Bible says.
Thatís the discouraginí thing about a womanís work......
   If a woman was to see all the dishes that she had to wash before she died,
   piled up in one pile, sheíd lie down and die right then and there.
Iíve always had the name oí beiní a good housekeeper, but when Iím
   dead and gone there ainít anybody goiní to think oí the floors Iíve scrubbed,
   and the old clothes Iíve patched, and the stockinís Iíve darned......
But when one of my grandchildren or great-grandchildren sees one oí these quilts,
   theyíll think about Aunt Jane, and, wherever I am then, Iíll know I ainít forgotten.
                                                                 -Eliza Calvert, Aunt Jane of Kentucky

Thank you to committee members:  Mary Ann, Leona, Joline, Jude, Santa (Sher), Bonnie, Theresa, and Ruth
Also, thank you to everyone else who volunteered in any way.

Photos provided by Lynda D, Joline, and Bonnie